Hey guys, I’ve been enjoying playing TorchLight 2 so I figured I’d release some hacks for it.

Here’s a video of it:


This has been tested and is confirmed to work on Steam.


-Health Hack
-Mana Hack
-Strength Hack
-Dexterity Hack
-Vitality Hack
-Focus Hack
-Level Hack

-Stat Point hack -Skill Point Hack-Teleporter



I created a gun shooting animation and added it into the design of the hack, which I thought was pretty nifty.. icon_razz.gif

Thanks for watching and downloading guys. smile.png


Update 1
-Added in Money Hack
-Added in Tabs for future updates (Character Mods will be coming next update!)


*Update January 21, 2013*

I do plan on doing more updates for this game, I just need to get it on Steam and I will be releasing some more. Probably about a month or so.


**Update April 27, 2013**

Torchlight 2 hacks have been updated to version 2.0. I have added functionality for the latest version of Torchlight 2. I also added in a couple new features like Skill Points and Stat Points hacks as well a teleport function. I am still working on fine-tuning the teleporter, it will be much more refined in later updates.


Hope you guys enjoy. :)

Download Torchlight 2 Hacks